NIC Container Release 7.12

Compatible: DomiNIC 8.2.5,, 8.2.6,, 8.2.7 (please note: if SSL Module is used DomiNIC version 8.2.7 is required) Fixes and Policy Updates Ascio telephone number mandatory in contacts for all TLDs Ascio adjustments to the writing of encoding types Keysystems authcode field for transfer added for TLDs *.vn SSL fixed issue with authentication type Webserver

DomiNIC Release 8.2.7

Important: Release 8.2.7 requires NIC-Container 7.9 or higher Bugfixes Fixed issue with auto renew price events for domains/zones that do not have an expiration date. Fixed issue with the translation manager and empty values that could not be changed. Fixed issue with missing approver mail addresses for SAN certificates.