NIC Container Release 4.3

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.1 Fixes and Policy Updates Ascio .app DNSSEC added Ascio .ie corrected PDF for owner change Ascio .hu corrected PDF for register Ascio .hk corrected PDF sending for transfer Denic allowed phone number format adjusted according to ITU-T E.123 Epag .ai authcode field for transfer added   added TLDs Ascio luxe realestate sport

NIC Container Release 4.4

Compatible: DomiNIC 7.8.2, 7.8.3 Fixes and Policy Updates Ascio .sk, .hr, .be, .bg, .by dnssec added Asco improved error messages on contact page Ascio updated PDF for register .hu Ascio .in authinfo modify enabled Ascio .it authcode required removed for owner change and owner address change Ascio .tirol authcode mandatory for transfer Epag .ai only…